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Come What May...
Hey I'm Tiffany! I'm 19,
I love Johnny Depp, if I could keep him to myself I would. Florence and the Machine speaks to my soul. I also think cats are pretty rad. I am just a random person who loves a lot of random things :)

"Even Darkness Must Pass"-Tolkien


"your lips look so chapped"


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24. July 2014

Thank you for the tag @ally-the-spawn-of-satan ♡♡♡

1. I Followed Fires- Matthew and the Atlas
2. Papaoutai- Stromae
3. Coffins- MisterWives
4. Young Hearts- Strange Talk
5. No Lie- wet
6. The Violet Hour- Sea Wolf
7. Demons- Imagine Dragons
8. Take me to Church- Hozier
9. Boom Clap- Charli XCX
10. Summertime Sadness- Lana Del Rey
11. Chocolate- The 1975
12. Haunt- Bastille
13. Only if for a Night- Florence and the Machine
14. Come What May- Nicole Kidman and Ewan Mcgregor
15. Happy Little Pill- Troye Sivan
16. Somebody Loves You- Betty Who
17. G.U.Y.- Lady Gaga
18. Bridges- Broods
19. Lightning Bolt- Jake Bugg
20. Daft Punk- Pentatonix

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